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The Executive Chef

Carlos Hardy

Carlos was honest and smart and had the highest personal integrity of anyone I have ever known about people.

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Phone: +1 650-999-0000
Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

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Dining Room

The dining room by nature is simple space. Unlike a kitchen or living room, which often has multiple purposes.

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[wpc_menu_heading heading=”New Year 2015” extract_border=”default”][wpc_menu title=”FOIE GRAS BALLOTINE” desc=”Grilled Celery Blue Mountain” price=”$36″ menu_image=”1183″ menu_image_position=”small_left” label=”Popular”][wpc_menu title=”SWEETBREAD AND PORCINI CANNELLONI” desc=” Alba White Truffle, Robiolo Emulsion” price=”$22″ menu_image=”1182″ menu_image_position=”small_left”][wpc_menu title=”JADE TIGER ABALONE” desc=” Fingerling Potatoes, Ossetra Caviar” price=”$10″ menu_image=”1183″ menu_image_position=”small_left”]
[wpc_menu_heading heading=”Special For Party” extract_border=”default”][wpc_menu title=”MAINE LOBSTER SALAD” desc=” Hawaïan Hearts of Palm, Romaine Lettuce” price=”$22″ menu_image=”1183″ menu_image_position=”small_left”][wpc_menu title=”CRISPY SCOTTISH LANGOUSTINES” desc=”Glazed Sunchoke, Parsley Salad” price=”$10″ menu_image=”1183″ menu_image_position=”small_left”][wpc_menu title=”CHILLED SHIGOKU OYSTERS” desc=”Fennel Mousseline, Sea Urchin, Finger Lime” price=”$10″ menu_image=”1183″ menu_image_position=”small_left” label=”Chef Selection”]
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